Empowering My Students to Have a Voice – Nurse education in Uganda

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Two years ago, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) established the first Masters in Critical Care Nursing program in Uganda with a small class of just six students. After two years of intensive course work and direct patient care, the students are approaching graduation. Prior to becoming a Global Health Service Partnership Volunteer, I spent more than 10 years as a pediatric intensive care nurse. Now, as a GHSP Nurse Educator, I have used my knowledge and experience to mentor and train these students in their second and final year of study. The students conduct most of their clinical training at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH). But the resources to make the best evidence-based practice interventions are often unavailable at MRRH.  So as they prepare to end their program, they are required to spend three weeks in the Intensive … Read More

Incoming GHSP Volunteer Nicole Geller – “Excited to become a better teacher, a better clinician, and a better person”

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In December 2015, Nicole Geller, a nurse-midwife with over two decades of clinical and teaching experience, was the 275th (and very last) person to apply to the Global Health Service Partnership for placement in 2016-2017. Now Geller is looking forward to being one of the very first GHSP Volunteers deployed to Liberia. “I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for this opportunity to teach in Liberia,” Geller said. “I appreciate every part of the opportunity – that it is so well organized, that it is structured, that I am given some lead time to prepare, and that I am going to be put right in the center of what needs to be done.” Geller traces her path to GHSP and Liberia all the way back to her childhood. Growing up as “a minority in a minority” on … Read More

Leaders in Nursing: Esther Beebwa

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For Mrs. Esther Beebwa, becoming a nurse was a “dream come true.” Now as a nurse educator and leader, she is helping make that dream come true for the next generation of nurses in Uganda.

A Night in the Life

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84 patients, 17 babies delivered, 4 C-sections, 3 still births, 2 post-partum hemorrhages. All in a night’s work at Lira Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda for Mary Elizabeth Nawil

Sharing Knowledge. Strengthening Health Systems. Saving Lives. – Cathleen’s Story

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“Making a difference” is one of my core aspirations.  As a nurse for over 45 years,  I have delivered care in nearly all possible settings: hospital, home, clinic, health offices and all types of schools as a nurse and instructor. Prior to coming to Tanzania, I was most familiar with the health needs of school-aged children and their families as a certified school nurse. I took a holistic approach to providing care and education to students, parents, and teachers on issues from diabetes and asthma to child care and hygiene. When I arrived in Tanzania, I was truly able to fulfill my “making a difference” dream, by working collaboratively with Lucy Kamakaba, my counterpart and Community Health faculty at Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS) in Mwanza, Tanzania.  When I arrived,  we identified there was not a hands-on health assessment for school-aged children … Read More