Our Vision

Seed believes in a future in which every country has a robust health workforce that is able to meet the health needs of its population. Good health is fundamental to not only survive, but to thrive. When people have access to quality health care, it is not just their health that improves; they are better able to contribute to stronger economies, greater personal and national security, and sustained prosperity.

Our Featured Partners

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Our Mission

Seed educates a rising generation of health professionals and health Educators, bolstering the pipeline of healthcare providers who have local knowledge and deep ties to the region. By teaching local health professionals, entire communities and countries can benefit from the “ripple effect” created when more skilled clinicians are better prepared to care for the population and serve as Educators themselves for and alongside their local peers. These skilled professionals also become leaders in their health system, advocating for better health in a positive feedback loop.

Seed is uniquely focused on placing skilled and qualified Educators at partner institutions for a minimum of one academic year as well as supporting Educators and partner institutions through a diverse and complementary package of services aimed at advancing health professional education in the classroom and clinical setting. The net result is better care and better health for the population.

Our Strategy

To effectively achieve our vision and mission, Seed Global Health aspires to work across three central and interrelated goals: education, practice, and policy.

Goal 1: Strengthen the quality of health professional education by engaging institutions and their faculty or staff

Goal 2: Enhance the quality of clinical education and practice by strengthening clinical skills of local health providers, faculty, and students/trainees through mentorship and training

Goal 3: Advocate globally and in-country to elevate issues and policies that help support strong health professional education and practice

Ensuring Sustainability

Our Educators are unique from those from other programs in that they stay for a minimum of a year, embedding into their communities and building trust. They partner with local institutional leadership, co-faculty, and trainees to problem solve real “systems” challenges experienced in the moment and cultivate locally-tailored solutions with modest financial and material investments. Every doctor and nurse trained by our Educators, in turn mentors other healthcare professionals, helping to strengthen health care delivery for years to come.

Training Healthcare Workers

Seed has helped send 191 US health professionals as physician and nurse Educators since our launch. These professionals immediately fill gaps in existing understaffed institutions, but more importantly, focus on teaching, training and inspiring hundreds of local health care professionals in these communities. Our professionals are licensed practitioners and Educators, and have come from the entire spectrum of clinical expertise in medicine, nursing, and midwifery.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Seed believes understanding the context of where we work, how to best support our partners in that context, and our impact are essential to the integrity of our programs.  Our monitoring, evaluation & learning efforts are currently built around five layers – programming and operations, Educators, students and faculty, institutions, and the country-level. See Our Impact


As Seed embarks on its 6th year, we aim to help support the environment in which health professionals work both globally and locally. Through evidence-based advocacy and informed by our work on the ground, Seed is engaging at multiple levels to help support smart policy for health system strengthening, health worker training and retention, and better health overall.

Leveraging Investments

Seed is dedicated to smart partnerships to provide needed services and complement existing partners and efforts. Seed helped launch the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP), a unique public-private partnership between the US Peace Corps, the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and Seed.

Transforming Education

Partnering with medical and nursing schools in African countries, our model improves the quality of clinical education and care in resource-limited settings. Our Educators provide care and service to patients alongside learners and encourage those learners to emulate the highest quality, compassionate care available under challenging circumstances. Seed also provides scholarships to promising African students to pursue their medical or nursing degrees ensuring talent has an opportunity to learn.

Dedicated Programming

Through technical expertise and deep connections with the professional health community, Seed strives to recruit the most qualified doctors, nurses and midwives. We provide training on the practice of medicine and nursing in resource limited settings, and familiarizes our faculty with the local burdens of disease. Seed provides clinical mentorship and resources to support Seed and local faculty in the field.


Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for almost 80% of the global total of new HIV infections.

The World Health Organization estimates that there will be a critical shortage of 12.9 million doctors, nurses and midwives by 2035.

There are no medical schools in 6 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.