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Our Approach

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The Challenge

Sub-Saharan Africa experiences 24% of the world’s disease burden, yet has only 3% of the global health workforce. This shortage of doctors, nurses, and midwives is worsened by a glaring lack of support for their life-saving work.

Just 7% of global health aid over the past ten years has been invested in one of the health system’s most precious assets — people.

Seed Global Health aims to change that by investing in Africa’s doctors, nurses, and midwives, building a healthier future for the continent.

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We Work Differently

Flipping the Script: African-Led Partnerships

Seed works only upon invitation from the national government within each of our focus countries. Our work begins by asking, “What do you need most?” and understanding each country’s vision for a healthier future. We then develop close partnerships with government, academic, and health leaders to offer training and support that addresses their greatest health challenges, such as reducing maternal mortality or better preparing for the next pandemic.

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Hand-in-Hand: Accompanying Emerging Leaders

There is no shortcut to saving lives. Seed recruits best-in-class medical professionals who embed with our partner institutions for at least one year, offering dedicated training and mentorship to emerging doctors, nurses, and midwives as well as faculty at medical schools. Seed educators help their trainees move from theory to practice using a teaching hospital-style model, in which they work hand-in-hand with trainees not only in the classroom, but also in clinical settings as they care for real patients.

Lasting Change: Strengthening Health Systems

Our job is to work ourselves out of a job. Seed strengthens health systems from the start, supporting the hardworking doctors, nurses, and midwives who are already providing critical care to their communities. We build skills, knowledge, and partnerships so that the impact of our work has a ripple effect on generations to come. Our proudest days are when a partner institution “graduates” from the Seed network, seeing dramatically improved medical training and patient care.

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