Introducing Patterns & Meaning, a Podcast by Seed Global Health

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Seed Global Health is excited to announce our new podcast, Patterns & Meaning

The biweekly podcast centers the voices of health professionals across Africa who are at the front lines of providing care in their communities but are often left out of global health conversations and decision making. Through their stories, we find meaning in patterns; connect history to the present; and illuminate the way forward in global health.

Our first season focuses on decolonizing global health—from efforts to identify community needs to curriculum development to program design to policy making to funding. Tune in to hear health professionals share their perspectives on what it will take to deconstruct the narratives, structures, policies, and power dynamics that have perpetuated inequities and build a system that truly ensures health for all.

It is our hope that from these conversations, we will develop a new playbook for global health—one that centers the realities, experiences, and expertise of communities; follows their lead; and is responsive to their needs. 

Our first episode debuts on February 2, 2021! Subscribe on Spotify, Apple, and Google.

Listen to a snippet here

#ICYMI: Our first season is a continuation of a series that we started last year at UNGA. Seed teamed up with our Nurses Lead | Midwives Lead campaign partners to host a series of webinars on decolonizing global health. The panelists outlined the numerous ways racism, colonialism, neocolonialism, and white saviorism negatively impact global health care, programs, policy, and funding. The feedback we received and requests for follow up webinars are indicators of the urgent need to challenge the status quo. 

Watch the series: Decolonizing Global Health: Perspectives from Nurses and Midwives



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