Health professionals are the backbone of strong health systems. Nurses, in particular, are critical to linking communities to much-needed care and ensuring health for all, making the strengthening of the nursing profession a key priority. Recognizing the important role that nurses play, the Eswatini Nursing Council (ENC) surveyed nurses in the Kingdom with two years or less experience post-graduation to evaluate their competencies. The results showed that new graduates had gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities in general nursing and midwifery, including the provision of HIV/AIDS and TB care.

The ENC set out to bridge this gap. In 2017, with assistance from Seed Global Health, the council began a four-year project focused on creating an entry-to-practice licensure exam. The goal with this is to ensure that nursing program graduates have the required skills—and that international nurses seeking to work in Eswatini are well-equipped—to deliver high-quality care to communities.

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