Vanessa Kerry’s New Health Diplomacy: A free public lecture explores the importance of public service in global health

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Dr. Vanessa Kerry has been called a “global healthcare revolutionary,” and on Sept. 19, she will share her unique perspective with the San Diego community in a free lecture, “A New Health Diplomacy,” at San Diego State University.

Kerry, the CEO of Seed Global Health, works in collaboration with the Peace Corps and Massachusetts General Hospital and partner countries with the aim of cultivating the next generation of doctors and nurses in resource-limited countries, building a pipeline of providers expanding and retaining faculty and strengthening health systems.

“Good health changes lives, societies and even countries. By sending doctors and nurses abroad to work as medical educators alongside local faculty, our program is helping address the gaps in access in quality healthcare that exist in so many countries,” said Kerry.

“Investments in health can help change how the U.S. is thus viewed by the world. Seed Global Health is a simple solution we believe is transformative in how the U.S. engages in health and the world.”

During the event, Kerry will be joined by Dr. Janice Kurth, district governor-elect of the Rotary Clubs of Southern California; Amber Lung, SDSU’s campus Peace Corps recruiter, and Thomas Novotny, SDSU professor of global health, for a panel discussion.”

“The Seed Global Health Program is a great idea and this is a fantastic opportunity for the SDSU community to learn about the importance of public service in global health,” said Novotny, faculty organizer of the event.

“Dr. Kerry will be talking about how the health needs of people in some of the poorest countries can be served by American health professionals in the Peace Corps and the lasting effects of the program both for the host country’s people and for those returning to the U.S. to work within our own health system.”

The Lecture, which is free and open to the public, will be held at 2 p.m. in Peterson Gym Room 242 on the SDSU Campus. Seating is limited, so early arrival is suggested. More information is available online.

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