Teacher and Student Find Inspiration in Each Other – Mary and Shamim

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Mary and ShamimWhen Mary Sebert arrived at Mbarara University of Science and Technology as a GHSP Nurse Educator in 2013, Shamim Ndagire was starting her final year as a nursing student. Despite three years of training, Shamim was still feeling apprehensive about treating patients. But with Mary’s teaching and guidance, today Shamim is a practicing nurse working at an Intensive Care Unit in Uganda. Mary also learned from her students, including Shamim, and improved her skills as an educator.

Three years later, Mary and Shamim have remained friends. Recently Mary and Shamim reconnected to share the impact each has had on their own lives.    —————————————————————–

Shamim –  About Mary… If I hadn’t worked with Mary at university, I am not so sure if I would be practicing nursing right now. I was very encouraged by her because for three years I had been studying nursing, going to the ward, doing rotations in the hospital but I was never really comfortable. But the year I spent with her I really learned a lot of skills, I wasn’t scared anymore. I became very efficient and able to do work with patients on my own. It was a really big achievement. Her teaching was very different from what I had known. It was outstanding.

Mary – I remember how fun the students were. I remember how much fun everybody had learning while I was using these different teaching styles.

What I discovered, and I did it the second year as well when I was teaching there, is how much fun you guys had debating, that you learned best when you participated. It was very fun.

Shamim – I already told you, Mary, I think you made me a better nurse in a year. I respect you for that. And at this time I do like to practice, it is exciting to work in the hospital. I like working on the patients and when I really manage to do what I’m doing on a patient in the right way. That’s when I’m really like ‘wow’.

Mary – I’m so proud that you’re working in critical care, because I taught that as well. That was a good year, wasn’t it?

Shamim-  It was a very good year. It was a very good year…Mary also inspired me to become a teacher, a nurse educator at some point. But, really, to teach with care I’d have to earn like a masters.

Mary – Shamim and my other students taught my humility. I learned so much from the students, I learned patience and respect and kindness, and I actually learned very much to appreciate different styles of teaching, and how much fun it is to engage all of the students. It was inspiring for me that you guys were so enthusiastic when I was teaching you. I loved it, that you loved the learning and I loved the teaching.