Seed CEO Vanessa Kerry Speaks at HIV/AIDS Problem Solvers Forum

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Seed Global Health CEO Vanessa Kerry participated in the Atlantic forum “The Problem Solvers: Cities on the Front Lines of HIV/AIDS” in New York on June 6.

The forum explored local solutions to the global challenges of HIV/AIDS, especially disparities where access is not available to the poor and disadvantaged. Dr. Kerry participated in the “Power to the People” panel and shared the work of Seed strengthening health systems in areas where there are not enough healthcare workers to support the needs of the people.

“70% of the world’s HIV burden may exist in sub-Saharan Africa, but that does not need to be the case. It’s 2016—we do not need to live in a world where there are two standards of healthcare in the world, whether it is between here and sub-Saharan Africa, or whether it is in our own backyard in the community of New York or in San Francisco or wherever we are. That’s what we are all, I think, fundamentally united on.”

You can watch the video of the panel here and learn more about the Atlantic forum here.