Resources Beyond the Classroom

Daisy WinnerBlog

From core clinical skills to more advanced practices, Seed Global Health volunteer educators strengthen in-country health professional education, in nursing and medicine, to help the next generation of health providers meet local needs. Often, this goes beyond lecturing students in a classroom or instructing trainees in the clinic.

Providing the most comprehensive training often requires materials, supplies, and learning opportunities commonly unavailable at our partner institutions. But thanks to Seed Global Health’s unique Program Support Resources Initiative (PSRI), volunteer educators can receive support to give their students and colleagues the education needed to produced highly skilled clinicians.

Since 2013, PSRI has awarded volunteer educators and their in-country colleagues small grants to purchase equipment, host learning opportunities or training workshops, and obtain clinical supplies. These awards aim to support an educational goal identified by our partner academic institutions.

In 5 years, PSRI has supported dozens of projects ranging from purchasing an EKG machine for cardiology students in Tanzania, to funding trainings in neonatal resuscitation trainings in Uganda. This year, we received more than 25 applications for the PSRI that will equip both educators and their students with the tools they need. With these resources, students will go on to become skilled clinicians, providing high quality care and saving lives.