Project strengthening awards make a lasting impact

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During their year of service, GHSP Physician and Nurse Educators often look for ways to make a lasting impact by taking on projects that go beyond their clinical and classroom instruction to strengthen the capacity of the schools and hospitals where they teach.

This year, Seed Global Health expanded a small awards program to support GHSP Volunteers and their faculty counterparts in these efforts. The GHSP Project Strengthening Awards program allows GHSP Volunteers and their counterparts to apply for grants for a variety of activities.

From covering the costs of attending conferences or publication fees to purchasing equipment for skills labs or books for libraries, GHSP Volunteers can now support their institutions in a more comprehensive and holistic way.

Above GHSP Physician Educator Lisa Rynn donates blood alongside one of her students in a blood drive in Gulu, Uganda, organized by volunteers with materials and supplies purchased through the program.