Patterns & Meaning Episode 1: Dismantling “-Isms” in Global Health with Judy Khanyola


In global health, the priority setting systems that have been created, the funding structures, and power dynamics have perpetuated inequities and left so many behind for so long. We sit down with Judy Khanyola to talk about the specific ways racism, colonialism, and neocolonialism influence global health; what we must do to dismantle the system; and how we can foster partnerships that are community-led, responsive, and truly deliver durable change. (This episode was recorded in November last year and references events at that time.)

Judy Khanyola is currently the Chair of the Center for Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Global Health Equity. She is a recognized leader with over 25 years of experience in clinical nursing and education programs. Judy has led HIV programs and provided technical support to NGOs and the public sector, working with partners and Ministries of Health in multiple countries across East, West, and Southern Africa. 

Watch the webinar series mentioned in the episode here:

Decolonizing Global Health: Perspectives from Nurses and Midwives