“Nursing in its Superior Form, Starts in Your Heart, from Within”

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The excerpt below of GHSP Volunteer Cherlly Bailey’s poem was originally posted on “NursingPreciousAfrica” on April 28, 2015:
Spring semester started the second week in January
Though much preparation, I did not get weary
My students were anxious to hear me speak
Them mimicking my accent proved to be a humorous treat
In the midst of learning community nursing and health promotion
The students made us proud as nursing concepts they gained notion
The reward of imparting knowledge was two-fold
The insight I gained may never fully be told
The influence of my colleagues, will never be forgotten
The spirit of striving for excellence, amidst the aftermath of Cashgate, Malawians downtrodden
Providing hope and grassroots support of the most humanistic kind
Whose commitment to the improvement of their countrymen matched, I may never find
Who have inspired me to reach for new heights in my professional development
And allowed me to leave my mark, the ripples indefinite.
As this assignment comes to a close I can only hope.
That my memories do justice to the full scope
Of experiences, trials, successes, this journey
To instill in future nurses the importance of diversity,
That global health is closer to home than it’s ever been,
And that nursing in its superior form, starts in your heart, from within.

Cherlly Bailey, MPH, RN is currently serving as a GHSP Nurse Volunteer in Malawi. Prior to this position, Ms. Bailey was a Nurse Case Manger at Federal Healthy Start focusing on peripartum and interconceptional health. She also previously worked as a nurse at Centennial Women’s Hospital in Nashville, TN caring for high risk antepartum patients and at the Veterans Affairs Hospital treating SICU patients. She received her BSN from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN and her Master’s degree in Public Health Leadership and a minor in Maternal Child Health from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She spent time in Belize City for her Masters practicum working on health advocacy, program planning, organizational leadership and policy development.