Leaders in Nursing: Esther Beebwa

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For Mrs. Esther Beebwa, becoming a nurse was a “dream come true.” Now as a nurse educator and leader, she is helping make that dream come true for the next generation of nurses in Uganda.

After caring for a friend who was in the hospital, she knew she wanted to become a nurse, Beebwa recalls. “The nurses were very smart and kind to us. I admired them and pledged to be a nurse, and my dream came true.”

Today, she is a nurse educator at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), where she worked with Global Health Service Partnership Volunteers for two years.

After earning her nursing degree at MUST, she found she wasn’t fully satisfied, as she wanted “to share my knowledge, skills and experiences with the upcoming nurses.” So she went back to school to earn a second degree and become a nurse educator. This role, she said, “widens one’s understanding, improves one’s knowledge and opinions, and helps people look at life in a different perspective…”

But her dreams haven’t stopped there. She hopes to pursue her PhD and become a senior lecturer at a school of nursing. “Educators can impact the community by increasing the knowledge base of the community members with the hope of improving their health status and changing health practices.” As a nurse and an educator, Esther is a leader in improving health in Uganda.