Joining Fellow Health Workers, GHSP Volunteer MaryAnne Fights HIV Stigma

Seed Global HealthBlog

The number one cause of death in Malawi is HIV/AIDS. With over 1 million people living with the disease, or 10% of the population, the disease burden is heavy. Stigma in known to play a role in the transmission of HIV as people are less likely to seek prevention information, testing or treatment. Moreover, stigma negatively impacts individuals and families as they are fearful to receive community support in fighting the disease [1].

MaryAnne, an AANC advanced practice geriatric clinical specialist working as a GHSP nurse in Malawi, recently participated in a AIDS awareness walk aimed at calling attention to the negative effects of HIV discrimination. She walked alongside community health workers who help provide essential home care and support for HIV positive patients. She explained that during the time she has been in Malawi, she has “…learned a lot about management of HIV as a chronic disease from the[se] wonderful providers…”