International Day of the Midwife and Nurses Day 2015

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In honor of this year’s International Day of the Midwife (May 5) and International Nurses Day (May 12), GHSP Volunteers and Seed Staff are celebrating the invaluable work of nurses and midwives, and reflecting on their essential role in health care delivery.

May 5, 2015: RNClass

VITAL, IntraHealth International’s blog, featured GHSP Volunteer Deborah Goldman’s reflection on teaching nurse midwifery in Tanzania.

“Attitude and Education – The Keys to Successful Nurse Midwifery”

mw 1192May 12, 2015:

The Global Nursing Caucus shared Seed Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Julie Anathan’s piece on the importance of partnerships to address the global shortage of nurses.

“Partnering to Increase Nursing Numbers:Celebrating Nursing Leaders, Educators, and Students Worldwide”

May 12, 2015:LGO

Peace Corps Passport published GHSP Volunteer Laurel Gail Ostrow’s story highlighting the incredible work of her nursing students in caring for patients.

“Finding ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ in a Malawian hospital”


February and March 2015:

Through interviews, Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) Nursing Volunteer Hannah Bergbower highlights her extraordinary nursing students, the stories that motivate them, and their insights into the future of nursing in Tanzania in her “I am a nurse because…” series.

Interview 1 ~ Stephen    Interview 2 ~ Anselma   Interview 3 ~ Baraka

April 2015:

Nursing Through Music; Nursing Through Poetry

GHSP Volunteer Cherlly Bailey, MPH, RN highlights the important role music plays in health education and reflects on her experience teaching nursing in Malawi through two pieces originally published in April.

“Nursing in its Superior Form, Starts in Your Heart, from Within”

“Art in Health Education”