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“Heart” – Global Health Service Partnership Physician Volunteer Ari Hoffman’s post and photo as featured on his blog, “A year in Mbarara: Kelly & Ari join the Global Health Service Partnership,” on November 17, 2013:

Lub dub.  S1.  S2.  The sounds of each heart beat.  We all know that the heart is the seat of the soul. It is Cupid’s target, the root of love, desire, and compassion, the life bar in Super Mario.  It is also a pump.  The lub and the dub are the sounds of health and vitality and romance.  They are also the closure of the valves that prevent backflow of blood and buildup of pressure.  Sixty times per minute, 86,000 times per day, our hearts keep things moving.  But they are also fragile.  Hearts can hurt, burn, and break, and sometimes they fail.  Blood becomes stagnant and life force diminished.  Clots form and clog arteries; water fills the lungs, the legs swell, and the kidneys scream for more pressure to keep their filtration system running. Read More