Investing in Health Workers Today Means More Lives Tomorrow

Seed Global HealthBlog

“Investing in Health Workers Today Means More Lives Tomorrow” – Seed Global Health’s CEO, Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s, post as featured on VITAL, IntraHealthInternational’s Blog, on December 13, 2013:

It all comes down to a golden minute.

In those first 60 seconds after a baby enters the world, the tenor of her life rests in the hands of her deliverers. The care she receives will determine her ability to breathe and whether oxygen gets to her brain; it will determine whether she lives, dies, or has a disability. It is a moment when the term “deliverables” takes on a greater meaning.

For essential caregivers—whether they’re physicians, midwives, or skilled birth attendants—training can mean the difference between life and death. Did they have lessons on neonatal resuscitation, temperature support, stimulation to breathe, or assisted ventilation? What happens to a struggling newborn if her caregivers are not trained in these essential skills? In that first minute, a health worker’s education can shape not only the life of the child, but that of her family and community as well. Read More