Join Seed Global Health at #UNGA74!

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Seed Global Health will be at the United Nations General Assembly on September 23 to 27. Please tune in to our two key events. Transforming Health Workforce Education to Meet Population Needs and Achieve UHC September 24 | 10:30 AM–12:30 PM  In recent years, global governance efforts and reports and World Health Assemblies have called for increasing social accountability in the education of health professionals to better respond to population needs. Much remains to be done. This event brings together educators, thought leaders, policymakers, and funders to discuss why transformative health workforce education and evaluation of the workforce data on production, employment, and retention are vital to universal health coverage (UHC). Participants will discuss key issues and emerging evidence pertinent to the return-on-investments of socially accountable health workforce education and identify next steps to mobilize action.  Check back for livestream … Read More

Reflections on #WHA72

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We traveled to the seventy-second World Health Assembly (#WHA72) last week against the background of a world that is facing global health crises across multiple fronts. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the ongoing Ebola outbreak—the second largest in history—has resulted in over 1,200 deaths so far. Health workers and health centers have been repeatedly attacked, hindering efforts to provide treatment and care and contain the virus. Antimicrobial resistance is becoming a global problem, threatening treatment to common infectious diseases and risking patient care and health. It is the next emerging epidemic. There remain challenges in reaching the last mile with global vaccination campaigns. This is further compounded by the frustrating re-emergence of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles. There is a projected 18 million health worker shortfall. Achieving universal health coverage and Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3) by 2030 cannot … Read More

Update from #WHA72: Invest in Health Workers

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The healthcare workforce, including doctors, nurses, midwives, and across the continuum to the household level, is pivotal to the success of every public health intervention. Across the globe, countries are facing a triple burden of disease: infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, and new and emerging threats such as antimicrobial resistance. To adequately address this burden of disease, ensure access to high-quality care, and attend to communities’ needs, we need to invest in health workforce education, employment, and retention. Last night, as part of the World Health Assembly, Seed Global Health co-sponsored a high-level event titled Invest in Health Workers in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Health Workforce Network, Last Mile Health, and Intrahealth International. Our collective goal was to emphasize the vital contribution of health workers to universal health coverage and … Read More

Update from #WHA72: Investing in Jobs for #HealthForAll

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Universal health coverage (UHC) has been at the center of discussions across sessions and side events at this year’s World Health Assembly (WHA). How do we ensure that all people and communities have access to and receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardships? It starts with investing in the health workforce—the backbone of strong health systems. Health workers are the missing link that will bridge the gaps in access to care and accelerate movement toward achieving universal health coverage. This afternoon, while at WHA, we attended a WHO-sponsored technical briefing on investing in jobs for health for all. We had the opportunity to present a variation of the below statement emphasizing the critical need to make the essential investment in health workers: Investing in the healthcare workforce, including health professionals and across the full continuum of service … Read More

What Will It Take to End TB?

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Tuberculosis (TB) continues to be a leading cause of death worldwide, with a disproportionate impact on the global south. The infectious bacterial disease is not only treatable but also curable and preventable: an estimated 54 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis and treatment between 2000 and 2017. Each year, World TB Day is recognized on March 24th to raise awareness about the disease, its impact on communities across the globe and efforts to eliminate it. The theme this year is It’s Time—to test and treat latent TB infection; to strengthen TB education and awareness among healthcare providers; to speak up; to end stigma; and to end TB. To learn about what it will take to end TB, we talked to our Director of Pediatric Nursing, and former Seed Nurse Educator, Dr. Brittney van de Water, who is currently a … Read More

#ICYMI: Highlights from the Africa Health Agenda International Conference

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Held in Kigali, Rwanda, the Africa Health Agenda International Conference brought together over 1,500 participants to discuss home-grown solutions to the most pressing health challenges that African countries face, with a focus on achieving universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030. The conference participants, who represented 47 countries, discussed topics ranging from delivering care in diverse settings to financing the expansion of UHC. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from conference: DAY ONE: Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization Director-General, gave video remarks that emphasized the need for using holistic approaches and engaging all sectors of society to ensure that people get the health care they need and deserve. Professor Philip Cotton from the University of Rwanda got the day off to a great start yesterday with a provocative pre-plenary special lecture on morality and health. … Read More