IntraHealth Interantional: Karen Blyth on Why Nurses Need Training and Mentorship

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Image Courtesy of Intrahealth International Karen Blyth’s article on IntraHealth International’s blog, VITAL, focuses on the potential of nurses in resource-limited settings and the importance of training. Learn about how nurses can close the Millennium Development Goal Gaps in Maternal and Reproductive Health. Read More

Celebrating nurses, midwives and their students who change lives

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Through our partnership with the Peace Corps, the Global Health Service Partnership, nursing volunteers in Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania are teaching thousands of students who will be next generation of healthcare providers, educators and nursing leaders. These nursing volunteers are working shoulder to shoulder with their African counterparts in this critical effort. Our volunteers have been welcomed, inspired, challenged and forever changed by their students and colleagues. ≈The Global Health Service Partnership is only one example of how nurses worldwide are impacting the global nursing workforce…A Force for Change We have invited nurses and nursing students from across the world to share their stories. Please read their reflections and tributes and share your own. Pat Daoust, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Seed Global Health Julie Anathan, , MPH, RN, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Seed Global Health ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nurses matter because … Read More

Investing in Health Workers Today Means More Lives Tomorrow

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“Investing in Health Workers Today Means More Lives Tomorrow” – Seed Global Health’s CEO, Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s, post as featured on VITAL, IntraHealthInternational’s Blog, on December 13, 2013: It all comes down to a golden minute. In those first 60 seconds after a baby enters the world, the tenor of her life rests in the hands of her deliverers. The care she receives will determine her ability to breathe and whether oxygen gets to her brain; it will determine whether she lives, dies, or has a disability. It is a moment when the term “deliverables” takes on a greater meaning. For essential caregivers—whether they’re physicians, midwives, or skilled birth attendants—training can mean the difference between life and death. Did they have lessons on neonatal resuscitation, temperature support, stimulation to breathe, or assisted ventilation? What happens to a struggling newborn if … Read More


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“Heart” – Global Health Service Partnership Physician Volunteer Ari Hoffman’s post and photo as featured on his blog, “A year in Mbarara: Kelly & Ari join the Global Health Service Partnership,” on November 17, 2013: Lub dub.  S1.  S2.  The sounds of each heart beat.  We all know that the heart is the seat of the soul. It is Cupid’s target, the root of love, desire, and compassion, the life bar in Super Mario.  It is also a pump.  The lub and the dub are the sounds of health and vitality and romance.  They are also the closure of the valves that prevent backflow of blood and buildup of pressure.  Sixty times per minute, 86,000 times per day, our hearts keep things moving.  But they are also fragile.  Hearts can hurt, burn, and break, and sometimes they fail.  Blood becomes … Read More

Guest Blogger Volunteer Brittney Sullivan: Mzuzu, Markets, and my Friends

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“ Mzuzu, Markets, and my Friends” – GHSP Volunteer Brittney Sullivan’s post as featured on “Brittney’s Adventures” on  September 18, 2013: Life in Mzuzu is taking shape quite nicely, and some semblance of routine is starting to pick up. That being said, I’ve still only taught one “official class” to First Year students. I did also volunteer at a Pediatric Palliative Care day at the Mzuzu Central Hospital (with my stellar nurse who oriented me, Elijah) which was a lot of fun. I taught a small group of parents about pediatric congenital and acquired cardiac diseases which I think went well! They had lots of questions, and seemed very interested to learn danger signs and symptoms, and how to best care for their child when he/she is doing well. I’m thankful for all of the great innovations available in the US for … Read More

TEDx Boston – Reflecting on Our Work

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Seed Global Health CEO, Dr. Vanessa Kerry reflects on her 2013 TEDx Boston talk. I was so fortunate to participate in 2013 TEDx Boston. Planning my TEDx talk allowed me think about our work in a very personal way. I reflected on an inspirational trip to Viet Nam as a child and dreams that have shaped who I am and what I do today. TEDx reaches an creative and varied audience, but not necessarily a clinical group. Talking to this group about improving global health reinforced for me that the commitment to improving health globally, draws from across so many disciplines. Every person in the audience– all of the online viewers– can be advocates for improving global health. Here is a link to that very meaningful talk. Dr. Kerry is the co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health. She is … Read More