Seed Global Health's 5-Year Strategy to Strengthen Health Systems

Seed Global Health is delighted to launch its inaugural strategy – Sharing Knowledge, Saving Lives: Seed Global Health’s 5-Year Strategy to Strengthen Health Systems. Founded in 2012, Seed has forged meaningful and trusted partnerships and demonstrated significant impact in strengthening health systems through building human resource for health capacity. With a unique focus on educating and training, Seed has helped train over 16,000 health professionals in close partnership with local counterparts and colleagues.

Immense challenges for health systems in many parts of the world remain, including crushing burdens of infectious and preventable disease, a rising burden of non-communicable disease, disease outbreaks, and lack of access to quality care for many. At the heart of these challenges, simply not enough health professionals exist to provide quality care to patients, train their successors, and help locally solve the underlying problems that continually challenge health systems.

Our new strategy – Sharing Knowledge, Saving Lives – focuses on three core pillars. In addition to strengthening healthcare education, and clinical care delivery, Seed will now explicitly engage on policy with the goal to help develop a more supportive context for health interventions in the countries where we work. We believe providing this essential holistic, people-centered approach will help link solutions and demonstrate the power of health to improve not only patients’ lives and personal well-being, but also countries’ economic and national security and prosperity.

Together, we can solve these entrenched problems.  We look forward to working with you for a healthier future.




Vanessa Kerry, Co-Founder and CEO, Seed Global Health