Seed Global Health's Annual Report 2018

2018 was a pivotal year for Seed Global Health. We  successfully concluded our inaugural program, Global Health  Service Partnership (GHSP), a five-year collaboration with the U.S. government. We also launched our new strategy, Sharing Knowledge, Saving Lives: Seed Global Health’s 5-Year Plan to Strengthen Health Systems. This transition period provided an opportunity for us to reflect on our impact and lessons learned and plan our path forward.

We founded Seed around the basic but essential belief that deep partnership can encourage systemic transformation in health delivery and that improved health outcomes for all are possible with dedication, discipline, and an investment in human and material resources. This annual report has stories and data that show that we are already beginning to have that transformative impact.

Through GHSP, for example, we helped mobilize 191 physicians, nurses, and midwives to serve as year-long educators at 27 partner institutions across five African countries. These educators represented 23 medical and nursing specialities, helped train over 16,000 health professionals, and taught over 850 courses and new skills.

Our impact has extended beyond individual health professional education and training. In Uganda, after supporting the inaugural one, we collaborated again with various stakeholders to help host the second national conference on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to discuss ways to mitigate AMR and prevent unnecessary deaths. Seed partnered with the University of Malawi College of Medicine to help establish the first family medicine training program in the country. We worked with the University of Swaziland to launch the first family nurse practitioner program to increase the number of advanced practice nurses who can deliver high quality, personalized, primary care.

We recognize that for these changes to be sustainable, we need to work at an individual and systems level to build skills, knowledge, and capacity. To that end, our new strategy focuses on three key pillars: education, practice, and policy. Seed will not only strengthen healthcare education and clinical care delivery but will also engage in developing policies that create a supportive context for health interventions to succeed. By using this holistic, people-centered approach, we will demonstrate the power of health to not only improve patients’ lives and well-being, but also countries’ economic prosperity and security.

Over the next five years, Seed’s multi-layered approach will enhance the training of local health providers, empower them to deliver high quality care, and motivate them to stay within the local system and promote clinical best practices. Ultimately, it will result in improved outcomes for millions of patients and positively impact the health of communities.

Our growth and impact would not be possible without the support and commitment of our individual, foundation, corporate, institutional, and government partners. Together, we can achieve health for all.



Vanessa Kerry, Co-Founder and CEO, Seed Global Health