Seed Global Health


Physician Job Description

Physician Trainer and Educator
Location: Sub-Saharan Africa 
Program Area: Health Care
Partner: Seed Global Health
Projected Start Date: Deployments Summer 2015
Duration: One year

Description: Global Health Service Partnership Peace Corps Volunteers are needed to serve as physician trainers and educators at institutions and affiliated health facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In coordination with host country faculty, Volunteers will primarily function as supervising academic educators/trainers/providers within institutional settings. The goal of this initiative is to address the critical shortage of doctors by working in close collaboration with the Ministries of Health, Ministries of Education and identified educational/health institutions to increase capacity and strengthen the quality and sustainability of physician education and clinical practice.

Specialties depend on the needs of placement medical and nursing schools. Past specialty requests have included: general adult care in internal medicine/ critical care, pediatrics,  mental health, general surgery, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia, pathology, and infectious diseases.The main objective of the volunteer role is to promote and encourage a continuous culture of excellence, responsibility, and accountability in the delivery of health care. Key volunteer tasks include:

- - formally and informally teaching students, house staff and other learners best practice standards through daily rounds on patients and separate regularly scheduled didactic sessions (e.g. Grand Rounds, Morbidity and Mortality conferences).
- - modeling sound clinical diagnostic and therapeutic bedside practice, professional and ethical behavior in all aspects of health care delivery with patients and staff alike.
- - evaluating and providing routine feedback to students and trainees assigned by host country faculty.
- - enhancing existing clinical training systems and structures through the development and implementation of innovative teaching tools in partnership with host country faculty.
- - when applicable, assisting in the creation and implementation of clinical guidelines and/or treatment protocols and organize continuing education programs with host country faculty.

Qualifications Mandatory:

*Note: Applicants will be required to meet licensing criteria and obtain appropriate clinical licenses in the host country.