Seed Global Health


Debt Repayment

Seed Global Health aims to build on the legacy of domestic federal programs like the National Health Service Corps to defray the burden of education debt. Expanding beyond educational debt, Seed Global Health provides loan repayment support for mortgage and other categories of debt or encumbrance.

Historically, health professionals interested in providing service - either domestically or abroad to socially and economically disadvantaged populations - face financial challenges from compounding educational debt and personal commitments. Seed Global Health stipends are available to help offset other personal financial burden like mortgages.

Seed Global Health provides stipends of up to $30,000 to encourage service by the best-qualified individuals, including those who may have financial constraints to service. Volunteers with documented educational loans or other personal financial burdens can apply.

Individuals with educational loans less than $30,000 will receive a stipend upon review of need. Stipend applications are made available to accepted Volunteers. Stipend amounts are subject to change.